Setting goals

Goal setting time again!

Why set goals?

We’re told we should set goals in life and nowadays most people would find it hard to avoid setting some in their job. I have been very keen on goal setting for many years and I’ve seen the positive effects in many areas of my life. On the other hand, I was very lax about considering the bigger picture of what I REALLY wanted to be doing with my life in the long term. This led to me wandering fairly aimlessly through my professional life until a few years ago.

It’s easy to do if you don’t take the time to think about what you really want out of life. Setting goals is a fantastic process as it makes you stop and take stock and think about what you want to do next. Just the fact of doing this makes you more likely to achieve some of those things because you’ll be clearer about what they are and more likely to make choices and take actions necessary to achieve those goals.

If you also build in deadlines for yourself and take time to regularly review your priorities, your progress, and your goals, you are more likely to stay focused on the things that are important to you in life.

Why another workbook?

I have created my own workbook for goal setting because other goal-setting processes I have seen don’t have you take enough of a step back from your life to realise which changes you want to make. It is too easy just to think, “I am doing X now, next year I will do more of X, or perhaps Y”. They don’t encourage you to think, “Actually, I don’t want to do X, I want to do 3, or BLUE”.

If you need to completely rethink your life, I recommend starting with the Life Review Workbook which goes into a lot of detail. Or if you prefer to keep it shorter, the Goal Setting Workbook has its own questions to help you think about what it is you want to be doing right now.

Download the Goal Setting Workbook now

Obstacles and setbacks

Many different things prevent us from achieving our goals; most of them are to do with our personal beliefs, fears and motivation. I have recently come across a couple of very interesting processes to use to help achieve your goals. They require you to question yourself and your feelings and get to know yourself a little better.

EFT – tapping

This technique involves tapping on specific meridian points on the body in a particular routine while saying certain phrases and words. The routine is the same each time and is very easy to learn and quite quick to do. The really interesting and important part is figuring out beforehand what you are feeling in order to make it effective. The website has lots of useful information about tapping in general and it has a particularly useful page for when you are having trouble with your goals: How to Manifest Quickly Using EFT Tapping.

It seems to me that asking yourself how you feel about your goals, how you feel at the idea of sharing them with other people and what your beliefs are about your goals are really useful tasks. Then EFT helps you to shift those feelings and beliefs.

You can book a coaching session if you would like me to take you through these steps.

WOOP – Wish : Outcome : Obstacle : Plan

This is a more cerebral activity to consider your goals. It is based on many years of research into goal achievement and how we think about our goals.

      • Firstly, you state your wish (your goal).
      • Then you take some time to envisage the best outcome if this wish was fulfilled.
      • Next you ask yourself what is holding you back – the key that you must identify the INNER obstacle that is preventing / would prevent you from achieving this.
      • And finally, you plan what actions to take to overcome the obstacle.

It breaks things down so clearly and really allows you to understand what is getting in your way. Find out more about the technique on


I have many tools that I use in coaching clients to help you understand what is preventing you from achieving your goals and to help you tackle the obstacles. Why not book a coaching session now?

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