About me

If you’re thinking about working with me and asking yourself some questions, here are some basics so you know where I’m coming from.

I grew up in Scotland (hence the British spelling, language and humour!) and I moved to Switzerland with my husband and our two sons in 2001. After the birth of two daughters and many adventures we are still here.

I’ve had a life-long interest in personal development and finding solutions. Much of what I know comes from reading books and reading on the internet, but I’ve also attended numerous courses and had countless interesting conversations with experienced and accomplished people. Going through some difficult times a few years ago, I started researching happiness on a more serious level and this led me (among other developments) to qualify as a holistic coach.

In the search for answers to my own issues, I’ve developed some tools and ideas that may help you to find your own answers. Sometimes, when we’re at a similar point on the road, exchanging experience and discoveries can make all the difference.


I don’t much like photos but this one of me on a walk in Scotland is one of the more authentic ones where I have my eyes open.